***CALL MD. SADEK SIDDIQUE (Director & Producer=01819214955)FOR DETAILS***

In 27th December 1985 ANANDA BAZAR MULTIMEDIA starts it’s journey.From the beginning of this production house it’s try to produce novel based story,new dimensional play/natok,movies,telefilms,advertisements and various kinds of documentary.In the mean time; 104 part plays/natok, 37 films, 2 cinemas and 4 series natok was telecast from this production house.The key person of this organization is Mr. Md. Sadek Siddique is an actor,political person,skilled famous producer and as well as a person engaged in different social organization.

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Besides ANANDA BAZAR MULTIMEDIA always try to create opportunity for new comers in movie & TV dramas. So those young boys and girls want to established themselves as an artist in their career. Please try your luck through ANANDA BAZAR MULTIMEDIA.

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For media purpose please contact the key person of this organization Mr.Md.Sadek Siddique (producer & director)


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Now,ANANDA BAZAR MULTIMEDIA and event service is a sister concern of this organization.It is an event management firm arranging events of various social cultural,personal political commercial & various type of events.With a lower,small & cheap budget by it’s friendly smart team.Your satisfaction is our bottom line.



For event management hotline : 01912028691, 01627911546 , 01819214955.

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